Story Labs

Story Labs

Each month SIO members try to get together over the phone to participate in a Story Lab Call. These 45-minute calls include at least one story that has application to organizational uses, and discussion about the story. A wide variety of guests share their insights into their organizational storytelling work.

July 2017 – Seung Ah Kim
Inspiration for Organizational Storytelling in Korea: From Myth to Present-Day Reality. Discussion about storytelling in Korea. Visit her website.


June 2017 – Andrew Tarvin
Humor That Works. A discussion about using humor in organizational settings and why it leads to increase productivity. Note, this conversation ends abruptly because of a technical glitch. Learn more about Andrew’s work here.


May 2017 – Dr. Joan Colleran Hoxsey
What if? An exploration into how people and organizations change when the focus is on strengths.


April 2017 – Rives Collins
Storytelling as the glue that holds people and communities together.


February 2017 – Tim Vogt
Non-profit sector storytelling for friend and fundraising. Tim is executive director for Starfire Council creating new stories for people with developmental disabilities.


January 2017 – Trisha Griffin-Carty
Coaching tips for interviewing and networking. Are you telling the right stories?


December 2016 – SIO Story Swap
Organizational gifts, stories told by 5 tellers on this open swap call.


November 2016 – Laura Packer
How to Get Storytelling-in-Organizations Work.


October 2016 – Tom Sparough
Managing the Dead, Ghost Stories to Keep Your Organization Alive.


September 2016 – Cindy Rivka Marshall
Story to promote inclusivity and to honor diversity.


August 2016 – Lori Silverman
A continuation of our May conversation, this time Lori focuses on future story.


July 2016 – Elizabeth Ellis
Authentic Leadership, say what you mean and mean what you say.


June 2016 – No Story Lab

May 2016 – Lori Silverman
Popular author explains why we should turn data into story.


April 2016 – Ted Parkhurst
The publisher of storybooks tells “Why You Should Write A Book.”


March 2016 – Karen Dietz
Storytelling for business.


February 2016 – Andrew Tarvin
Adding insight and wisdom through humor.


January 2016 – Kendall Haven
Applying the neuro and cognitive science of story.


December 2015 – Story Swap
A few SIO members share stories about organizational gratitude.


November 2015 – Lani Peterson
A narrative therapist’s perspective entitled From Thin to Thick: Expanding Your Organizational Story.


October 2015 – David Hutchens
David, former SIO chair, shares examples of using story methodology in organizational settings from his book Circle of the 9 Muses.


September 2015 – Mark Goldman
From Blog to Book, Mark shares his experience of transforming his weekly website blog into 101 Storytelling Tips.


August 2015 – Membership Meeting
This is a conversation and report by the SIO board of the current opportunities being offered by our group.


July 2015 – Annette Simmons
Casual conversation after Annette’s pre-conference presentation for SIO at the National Storytelling Conference, Kansas City, MO.


June 2015 – Tony Meola
A senior banking executive shares his take on why storytelling is a powerful tool for every business person.


May 2015 – Jeff Leinaweaver
This professor, author, and corporate bard shares his case for storytelling and sustainability.


April 2015 – Buck Creacy
Buck shares the story of how he got the title of corporate storyteller for the world’s largest automotive manufacturer.


March 2015 – Doug Lipman
A renowned storytelling coach and author, Doug shares his insights on hidden storytelling skills.


February 2015 – Henry DeVries
Tune in for an explanation of how storytelling and marketing go hand and hand.  Plus a nice explanation of story types.


January 2015 – Bill Wight
Storytelling for Corporate Change Agents.  Hear Bill’s journey of 30 years of change in the manufacturing industry and the role of intentional storytelling.


December 2014 – Stories of Compassion
This was a story swap call. Several people shared stories about organizational compassion, what it looks like, and how they have experienced it.


November 2014 – Juanita Brown
Juanita Brown, P.hD., co-founder of World Cafe, shared her insights into storytelling and large-group organizational change.


October 2014 – Patrick Donnelly
Corporate Storytelling by Design. Storytelling and cultural design from an architectural point of view.


September 2014 – Membership Meeting
This is a membership meeting and report of what the group had done over the last year.


August 2014 – Ann Scroggie
Story of a Penny.  Ann shares her wealth of knowledge as an award winning professor and story coach.


July 2014 – Tricia Suchodolski
Tricia is knowledge management officer of the US Forest Service, which is utilizing storytelling as a wisdom tool.


June 2014 – Story Swap
A variety of tellers from our group share organizational stories.


May 2014 – Geoff Mead
Featuring tips from the author of “Telling the Story, the Heart and Soul of Successful Leadership.”


April 2014 – Peter Dominick
Pete shares his experience teaching storytelling to graduate students in technology management.


March 2014 – Pete Griffin
Our veteran board member and naturalist shares his story “Everything I Know About Leadership I learned from Beavers.”


February 2014 – Sara Armstrong
A fascinating plunge into the world and uses of dilemma stories.


January 2014 – Mary Alice Arthur
A systematic method of storytelling and collective story harvesting.


December 2013 – Story Swap
Several members share stories based on the theme of “Giving.”


November 2013 – Mark Steiman
A business executive shares his love of story and “The Shortest Story,” and “The Bread Loaf Pan.”


October 2013 – Molly Catron
Molly shares her story entitled Rubber Glove War, which is about a manufacturing ethical dilemma.