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 As the whole of human history shows and storytellers have always known, stories are a wellspring of communal life. Stories inspire, support, and sustain all types of human communities. Think of the patriotic tales that stir the national soul or the traditional holiday stories recounted at family gatherings. Consider the ancestral sagas of tribes and clans or the religious narratives that unite a congregation.
 Having a story in common brings people together because stories cultivate the communion of hearts and minds that creates community. By playing a role in communal stories, people participate in a shared identity and engage in mutual interests.  Stories provide a community with the common ground and shared vision needed to inspire collective striving.  
 The Storytelling in Organizations SIG brings these narrative insights onto the contemporary business scene by documenting and promoting the constructive role and widespread importance of storytelling in corporate, non-profit, small business, education, and other settings. Further, by clarifying the dynamic, integral relationship between narrative and organizational development, the SIO SIG advances the role of storytellers as workplace consultants.     …More    
 by By Michael P. Sipiora and Frank Lehner 

New text by Doug