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The Storytelling in Organizations (SIO) special interest group of the National Storytelling Network brings narrative insights onto the contemporary business scene by documenting and promoting the constructive role and widespread importance of storytelling in corporate, non-profit, small business, education, and other settings.

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Unlocking Meaning Making by Using Stories for Research

milehamBy Michelle A. Mileham
Psychologist Jerome Bruner outlines two ways of knowing: the paradigmatic and the narrative. The paradigmatic way of knowing establishes verifiable facts about the world while the narrative way of knowing aims to establish meaning. Typically the former is the goal of research; however, a growing number of fields are interested in the latter. Social scientists have used narratives and storytelling for decades, a process that has allowed them to access the meaning making process. At the same time, narratives give insight into individual and group identities. One way researchers might analyze meaning making and identity development is through visual analysis in the form of narrative maps. The practitioner’s guide included here offers an example of how researchers might first indicate significant life events, part of the landscape of action, as well as how researchers can encourage storytelling in order to make connections to the landscape of identity.
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