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One More Question–The Importance of Listening to your Gut when you Network

julienne-ryanBy Julienne B. Ryan

Have you had this experience?
You’re at a business event and you’ve met a fellow attendee and have spent the last five minutes sharing the basics like your names, job titles and event-related comments.

You think you’re doing a reasonable job of being appropriately engaging and inquisitive. You haven’t made any verbal social missteps. You’ve even begun to ask your best networking questions. As far as you can tell, your interaction is going very well.

However, in a couple of minutes, you’ve started to experience some inner tension. You start to think “Am I talking too much?” or “Are they interested in what I have to say?” Then you hear The Clash’s* timeless question “Should I stay or should I go?” resonating in your brain. You don’t want to outstay your welcome, so you’ve convinced yourself that you should end this conversation quickly. You say your good-byes and head to the coffee station with your mobile pressed to your ear.

You may have ended your conversation too soon, before the real story had a chance to come out.
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