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PreConference Session at the National Storytelling Conference, Mesa, AZ

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies are opening their doors and their ears to the engaging, enlightening strength of story.

We will start with a bit to eat and drink, and then launch into a fascinating perspective on storytelling from the Knowledge Management Officer of USDA Forest Service, Patricia Suchodolski. Following her talk, we will hear insights from 25-year veteran business executive Mark Steiman. The session will finish with a full hour of discussion on topics suggested that day by participants.  And finally, those who would like to continue the conversation in the room with lunch will have a chance to hang out and purchase a box lunch.

More Info at storynet.org

Stories inspire, support, and sustain all types of human communities. Having a story in common brings people together because stories cultivate the communion of hearts and minds that creates community. By playing a role in communal stories, people participate in a shared identity and engage in mutual interests.  Stories provide a community with the common ground and shared vision needed to inspire collective striving.

The Storytelling in Organizations SIG brings these narrative insights onto the contemporary business scene by documenting and promoting the constructive role and widespread importance of storytelling in corporate, non-profit, small business, education, and other settings.

Stories supply facts with meaning, and value propositions with illustrations; they testify to core beliefs and kindle aspirations that motivate and enhance performance. As a uniquely human mode of communication, stories surpass information processing in creating and developing vital relationships. Organizational stories set the stage for cooperative and productive work relationships by creating common contexts of knowledge, interest, and communication.

An organization’s stories provide the foundation for building an energized and disciplined work community that fosters the initiative, cooperation, creativity, and satisfaction of work at its best.

Storytelling reminds us of what matters and connects us with a sense of meaning and purpose in our endeavors.